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Public Exhibition…we can know more than we tell…


Saturday, June 1, 2019

12:00 - 17:00
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Audain Art Centre - AAC AHVA Gallery
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The exhibition …we can know more than we can tell…1 actualizes intuitive dimensions of knowledge that happen both through experiential learning and the research and creation of artworks. The show reunites alumni and community partners of past engaged learning classes in a process of artistic conversation. By way of artistic work, community partners offer a part of their practice to which alumni will respond to in creation of their own work; the streams of work revealing tacit connections, corresponding impulses and propensity of influence. The exhibition of works consists of the threads of inquiry, demonstrating a community of collaboration wherein art thrives.

Michael Polanyi (1958)

Featuring work in four community partner streams:

  • VIVO Media Arts: Casey Wei, Teresa Chu, Matthew Ballantyne, Makiko Hamaguchi
  • Contemporary Art Gallery: Holly Schmidt, Patrick O'Neill, Holly Clarke, Lola Storey
  • Other Sights for Artists' Projects: Barbara Cole and Jen Weih, Tung Yi, Alexandra Rodriguez, Josephine Lee
  • Capture Photography Festival: Kate Henderson, Nick Loewen, Mackenzie Walker, Mindi Chen
    Curator: Christine D'Onofrio. In affiliation with the Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory and Centre for Community Engaged Learning, UBC