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Pedagogical Practice of Learning From History and Place: Indigenous Erasure, Reclamation and Resurgence in Campus Spaces


Monday, June 3, 2019

09:00 - 17:00
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Neville Scarfe Building - SCRF Education Foyer
UBC exhibitions , UBC Indigenous programs
English | anglais
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This panel installation demonstrates a pedagogical activity that requires post-secondary students to reflect on their relationship to history and place using the university campus as site for decolonizing dialogue and experiential learning. Through experiencing sites on campus, questions are posed to students that consider the ways spaces have been materially, spatially, symbolically, and ideologically constructed to erase or appropriate Indigenous knowledges and presence. In the context of teacher education, teacher candidates participating in this activity respond to examples of Indigenous erasure, reclamation, and resurgence as seen in a campus walk-about guided by instructors. Drawing on the scholarship of Holmes, Hunt, and Piedalue (2015), this activity seeks to help students to denaturalize their understandings of colonial arrangements by empowering ancient and dynamic knowledge buried under post-secondary education developments. Questions, sites, teacher candidate responses, and pedagogical underpinnings form the installation. Drop by to view these panels.