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The Aftermath of World War One in Hungary: The Legacy of the Republic of Councils a Hundred Years On


Sunday, June 2, 2019

13:30 - 14:45
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West Mall Swing Space Building - SWNG 407
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The roundtable will consider the place and legacy of the Hungarian communist revolution of 1919 in twentieth-century Hungarian history. It will offer for discussion the following questions: What was the short- and long-term political, intellectual, and cultural legacy of the Republic of Councils, in Hungary and abroad? How had successive Hungarian regimes and governments shaped the memory of the event, to advance their own respective political agendas? What role did the Hungarian cultural elite play in the short months of the Hungarian Soviet Republic? What was the short- and long-term significance of the large-scale emigration of intellectuals and artists for Hungarian and European intellectual and artistic life?   

  • Judith Szapor, Associate Professor of History, McGill University
  • Arpad von Klimo, Professor of History, Catholic University of America
  • Steven Jobbitt, Associate Professor of History, Lakehead University