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Ireland's Empire: Roman Catholicism in the English Speaking World


Wednesday, June 5, 2019

08:30 - 10:00
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Buchanan Building - BUCH B313
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With financial support from the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences’ International Keynote Speakers Support Fund

In this interdisciplinary session, the distinguished historian and scholar of Irish history Colin Barr explores the conflation between Irish and Catholic throughout the English-speaking world. This is evident in names of parishes, schools and social clubs, the ubiquitous Irish priests and nuns of popular culture, and the residual green tinge of the institutional church. But, as Barr will explain, this was not an inevitable result of migration or Famine. It was instead a carefully managed, centrally-organised, and ideologically homogeneous process that spanned the globe. The result was a distinctively Irish empire that shaped the political, social, and cultural life of both Catholics and the societies in which they lived, and which helped to create and then to preserve a multi-generational Irish migrant identity and a distinctively diasporic Irish Catholicism.

  • Colin Barr, Senior Lecturer in Irish History, University of Aberdeen