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Extending the Academic Lifespan: Staying Connected after Retirement


Tuesday, June 4, 2019

08:30 - 10:00
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AMS Nest - NEST 2306
Career Corner
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This panel presents retirement as a time of new possibilities, and addresses the apprehension of many college and university teachers and researchers who enter retirement with little or no preparation or support by their institution.  What are the challenges that face those who want to continue a life of teaching and research after retirement? Does retirement close doors—or open them? Do emeritus professors have any role to play in the continuing life of their discipline or department? At UBC, emeriti find support for connection and continuity within the framework of the UBC Emeritus College. The panelists will describe how this new organization came into being, and what they hope will be its positive impact on the emeritus community at UBC, as well as placing it in the larger context of retirement organizations at other academic institutions in Canada and the USA. 
Speakers: Dr. Ken Craig, Professor Emeritus, Psychology; Dr. Carolyn Gilbert, Professor Emerita, Audiology & Speech Sciences; Dr. Stephen Tredwell, Professor Emeritus, Orthopaedics. 
Moderator: Dr. Herbert Rosengarten, Professor Emeritus, English
  • Ken Craig, Professor Emeritus, Psychology
  • Carolyn Gilbert, Professor Emerita, Audiology & Speech Sciences
  • Stephen Tredwell, Professor Emeritus, Orthopaedics