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Roundtable on Memory


Thursday, June 6, 2019

13:30 - 15:00
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AMS Nest - NEST 2311
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Taking the 100th anniversary of WWI as catalyst, this roundtable brings together a diverse and cross-disciplinary collection of scholars to engage over the questions of how, why, and when memory matters. The roundtable pulls from a recent collection of 26 essays, published in November 2018 by the Peter Wall Institute, that discuss memory across such contexts as law, astrophysics, molecular genetics, digitalizing of data, Indigenous oral history, literature, and the natural world. Surprising connections emerge; the conversation about memory is ideal to capture some of the specific features of UBC and its environment—location on Indigenous land, proximity to the high tech industry, and rich research culture. The roundtable thus offers a unique opportunity to showcase the diversity of work done across the UBC campus, but also to showcase and seed the multidisciplinary conversations so critical to agile and relevant intellectual discourse.