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Authority under Attack: Managing Risks in the Classroom


Sunday, June 2, 2019

10:30 - 12:00
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AMS Nest - NEST 2306
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The university has often been a prime site for a society’s culture wars  and the present moment is ripe with the possibility of hostile interactions in many a classroom. While the risks are practically (arguably) inevitable  how the instructor reacts to hostility can dramatically impact the experience of students. Ideally  the instructor’s focus should be on how to minimize harm – particularly to the most vulnerable members of the class –  and on turning the moment into an opportunity for deepening the learning. But what happens when the attack is directed at the instructor? How does the instructor hold their seat and navigate the attacks? Facilitated by UBC’s Director of Dialogue and Conflict Engagement  this workshop provides a framing and some practical advice for instructors who find themselves in the line of fire.

  • Aftab Erfan, Director, Dialogue and Conflict Engagement, Equity & Inclusion Office, UBC