Association for Canadian Jewish Studies

Association #34
Association for Canadian Jewish Studies (ACJS )
Conference dates: 
Sunday, June 2, 2019 to Tuesday, June 4, 2019
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The ACJS is pleased to announce our 2019 conference, which will take place from June 2-4 at the University of British Columbia, with Sunday’s community day at Vancouver’s Peretz Institute for Secular Jewish Culture. The conference will provide a platform for exciting and original research on Canadian Jewish life, past, present and future. We welcome paper proposals on any topic relating to the Canadian Jewish experience. Given this year’s centennial of the formation of the first Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC), we particularly welcome proposals on the theme of Jewish communal organizations, past and present, including studies of the CJC and other Canadian Jewish institutions.
Updated: 2019-03-21
Canadian Jewish Studies, Jewish Community Organizations
Call-for-papers deadline: 
January 7, 2019
President's Reception: 
June 3, 2019
Program Chairs: 

Jesse Toufexis, University of Ottawa

Local Arrangement Coordinators: 

Richard Menkis, The University of British Columbia


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