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Canadian Association for Translation Studies (CATS)
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Sunday, June 2, 2019 to Tuesday, June 4, 2019
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Since 1987, the annual congress of the Canadian Association of Translation Studies has been gathering international scholars and students investigating translation from a variety of perspectives: linguistic, literary, historical, sociological, cultural, etc. This year's theme, "Material Cultures of Translation", addresses the significance of material culture to the practices, representations, and cultural contexts that shape translation and interpretation, both currently and historically. At a time when we are experiencing profound changes, not only in the material media and modes of translation, but also in the working conditions of translators and interpreters, one can no longer ignore the material environments in which translation and interpretation practices (both in the restricted and extended senses) take place. Recent debates on the "materiality of communication" (Littau 2015) have also established the critical limitations of traditional definitions of the text as a mere aggregate of linguistic signs, or as the sole expression of the individual self, or, again, as a more or less disembodied manifestation of the written word. This convention is thus an invitation to reflect on the place of material culture in translation and interpreting studies. Participants will address the material aspects of inter-linguistic exchange and communication, while also exploring the specific contribution of translation scholarship to the study of material culture. Particular attention will be given to the place of translation in book history, with a keynote lecture by Prof. Roger Chartier (Collège de France); and to issues raised by the representation, through translation and interpretation, of Aboriginal material cultures in Canada, with a keynote address by Prof. Sophie McCall (Simon Fraser University), and a series of panels on this specific topic.
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