RhetCanada/Canadian Society for the Study of Rhetoric

Association #111
RhetCanada/Canadian Society for the Study of Rhetoric (RhetCanada/CSSR)
Conference dates: 
Tuesday, June 4, 2019 to Thursday, June 6, 2019
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RhetCanada's 2019 conference, June 4-6, 2019, is on the special theme of "Rhetorics of Hope." Our 2019 conference theme invites participants to discuss rhetorical strategies and rhetorical acts with the potential to inspire hope in spite of challenging circumstances. So much of modern public rhetoric relies on the opposite of hope—fear and despair. Difficult circumstances easily inspire rhetorical attack and discord and can easily slide into a pathos of doom and gloom. We wish to explore together the rhetorical pathways through, around, or beyond such despair, which guide individuals and groups into the realms of hopeful action and belief. Conference presentations are not limited to the year’s theme. The society welcomes papers on all aspects of rhetoric, in English or French. We foster dialogue among scholars from diverse disciplines and professions who are interested in rhetoric. We welcome not only mainstream rhetorical scholarship, but also “rhetoric in/and” a wide variety of domains or disciplines and through interdisciplinary frameworks that join rhetorical theory with theories from other domains. Authors of proposals that address important and broad themes in rhetorical studies may also be invited to present in an English-language roundtable as a panelist. We aim to schedule all or most sessions in plenary format (all participants attend), rather than concurrent sessions in different rooms. Plenaries foster the growth of a community of rhetorical scholars through discussion, debate and shared experience. We will hold a catered on-campus banquet on the evening of Day 1. We will have a catered reception and roundtable / poster event in the early evening of Day 2. The AGM and President’s reception will be held on Day 3.
Rhetorical theory, criticism, and/or history, Rhetoric in popular culture and everyday life, Rhetoric and the media, film, gaming, and visual culture, Rhetoric in the fine arts and literature
Call-for-papers deadline: 
December 12, 2018
President's Reception: 
June 6, 2019
Program Chairs: 

Tania Smith, University of Calgary and Bruce Dadey, University of Waterloo

Local Arrangement Coordinators: 

Tania Smith, University of Calgary


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